An Unconference? What to expect at RemixEd 2016

What to expect at RemixEd
Written by Andrea Simmons

When you hear the word unconference, it may be a bit of a brain twister. Many of us know the concept of a conference. In fact, most of us have attended one at some point. The typical conference follows a predictable formula of a keynote speaker, supported by break-out sessions or workshops, and interspersed with breaks for coffee, snacks and lunch. The sessions tend to be pre-set and the speakers are lined up months in advance.

So, what goes into an unconference? What makes it different from a traditional conference? Well, to start with, an unconference, which is often referred to as an EdCamp in the educator community, rethinks how sessions are organized and how information is shared. Modelled after the BarCamp events, a series of user-created technology conferences started years ago, the unconference format turns the participants into the presenters.

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Unconferences are independently organized, free to all participants, and the sessions are driven, developed, and facilitated by the educators who attend. They usually begin with an informal, collaborative brainstorming session that involves all the day’s attendees. This generates excitement, and determines the schedule of sessions for the day, based on the interests of those running and attending them. Most sessions are interactive, and rely heavily on active discussion and debate amongst the participants.

Another unique element of an unconference is that it encourages its participants to take charge of their own learning and to feel completely comfortable standing up and walking out of a session if it’s not meeting their learning objects or piquing their interest. This is called the “law of two feet”, and it’s a behavior that’s highly encouraged at unconferences.

So, What’s RemixEd?

If this model sounds intriguing you should consider attending RemixEd. Coming up on Saturday, November 26, 2016 at Concordia University in Montreal, this event will combine the best elements of both the traditional and the unconference. This free event will offer educators the opportunity to participate in group conversations and the chance to attend formal presentations by local thought leaders in the education field.

The sessions are open to all educators and free to attend. There will even be free child care available, so you can bring along the family.

The day will kick-off with registration and networking, providing time for educators to mix and mingle and get to know each other. Then the group will work together to build the agenda for the day and discuss which topics and themes they want to learn more about. The first set of sessions will start mid-morning and will kick-off with some pre-organized presentations on a variety of popular topics. The second and third block of sessions will reflect what the attendees have chosen.

At lunch, which is provided for free, there will be more time to network, plus there will be an APP SMASH. During an APP SMASH, attendees can stand up and present the one great app that they can’t live without in their lives or in their classes. It’s a great way to uncover new gems and to hear real-world examples of how teachers are using these apps today in their classrooms. Last year at RemixEd, this was super popular, with lots of notes being jotted down and pics being snapped.

So, if you are planning to be in Montreal on Saturday, November 26th, I would encourage you to sign-up and join in the fun. The event is completely free and is open to teachers, pre-service teachers, administrators, education professionals, and anyone who is interested in education.

Learning Bird is proud to once again be involved in this great event and we will have team members on-site to participate and connect with you.

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