edWeb Webinar Wrap-Up: The Tech-Savvy Administrator

Written by Natalie Gilbert

In our most recent edWeb Leadership webinar, Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom) presented an engaging and thought-provoking session titled ‘The Tech-Savvy Administrator’. He began by asking participants to describe what they thought digital leadership meant in one word. He then reviewed ISTE’s Technology Leadership Standards, and explained that in order to evaluate technology effectively, administrators need to first be better users of it.

This led to Steven presenting his three cores of digital leadership:

  1. A Model User of Technology
  2. Understanding Technology in the Learning Process
  3. Embracing Coaching

The infographic below outlines some of the tools that Steven suggested administrators use in modeling the appropriate use of technology. If you missed Steven’s presentation, you can watch the recording here.


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Natalie has spent the last five years working in both traditional and experiential education settings in Haiti, India, and South Korea. Her background is in journalism and education, and she is currently pursuing her M.A. in Educational Technology. She enjoys running, exploring new neighborhoods, and cooking.

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